Israel Can't Survive Another Destruction and Exile

The President now wants to bail out his Secretary of State who also lives in a dream world. Peace is given by misguided expectations.

 Dr. Joseph Frager ,

Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager
Courtesy: Dr. Joseph Frager
Charles Krauthammer, in his bestseller "Things That Matter," quotes Milan Kundera who defines a small nation as "one whose very existence may be put in question at any moment; a small nation can disappear and it knows it".
Israel fits this definition of small nation status and that is why it does not have the luxury of time, when it comes to Iran, or for that matter, any of Israel's neighbors who seek its destruction. Krauthammer laments that "the stakes could not be higher. It is my contention that on Israel - on its existence and survival - hangs the very existence and survival of the Jewish People...They cannot survive another destruction and exile.

"The Third Commonwealth - Modern the last." 

Obviously, Providence ultimately determines Israel's fate. But we all must do what we can to maintain Israel's survival. In all of the diplomatic shuttling, in all of the conversations, in all of the negotiations, is Israel's right and actual existence ever guaranteed? Krauthammer indeed points out that in the Oslo Agreements of 1993, the PLO, "which was forced into ostensible recognition of Israel", was still ruled by a charter "that calls in at least 14 places for Israel's eradication.

Krauthammer further points out that even years later, despite four specific promises to amend the charter, it remained unamended. He indicates that this shows how deeply embedded Israel's destruction is in the Arab consciousness. Unfortunately, the West never seems to get it. The West cannot fathom that there exists an intractable enemy that would rather die than live.

The West cannot comprehend an enemy that seeks Israel's destruction, no matter the price. Only Israel knows who its neighbors are. Only Israel knows their true intentions. Senator John McCain has called President Obama  the most "naive" President ever. He is unfortunately being quite generous in his description. The President now wants to bail out his Secretary of State who also lives in a dream world. Prospects of peace are driven further and further away by misguided expectations and misleading understanding.

The President keeps on making the same mistake. Arab demands get more and more ridiculous because the President has done all of their work. They just keep resetting the "bar" higher and higher making it impossible. Krauthammer gives ample insight and perspective in his book "Things That Matter". I suggest that both the President and his Secretary of State read it before proceeding.