Again on Temple Mount: Muslims Riot, Jews Detained

Jewish visitors wait hours for a brief visit due to Muslim riots on Temple Mount. One Jew arrested.

Maayana Miskin ,

Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount
Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount
Flash 90

Dozens of Jews waited for hours on Sunday morning to get in to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site. One of those waiting was arrested moments after entering, Temple Mount activists report.

The Jews were reportedly detained due to Muslim riots on the mount. Several Muslim leaders have called to prevent Jews from accessing the holy site, and Muslim worshipers often hold violent protests in response to Jewish prayers in the area.

Eventually the Jewish visitors were allowed in, but many were permitted to remain for only a few minutes.

Police allowed the Jews to enter in groups of no more than 25 people at a time, with each group allowed to enter only when the previous group had left. The second group to enter was met with insults and violent protests by Muslim worshipers.

Police decided to avoid violence by removing the Jewish group. A Jewish youth who confronted Muslim men who yelled insults was arrested.

A video filmed by one of the visitors showed police urging the Jewish visitors “not to enflame things” vis-à-vis the angry Muslim worshipers.

A third group which had been waiting to visit for over two hours was allowed to enter the Mount only toward the end of visiting hours. The group was given several minutes at the site and then ordered to leave.