US to Israel: 'Stop Killing Iranian Scientists'

CBS reporter claims Obama to pressure Netanyahu over Israel's attempts to prevent a nuclear Iran.

Tova Dvorin ,

Netanyahu and Obama
Netanyahu and Obama
Flash 90

President Barack Obama will not only pressure Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to accept the US framework for peace - but also to stop intervening in preventing a nuclear Iran, Channel 10 reports Sunday. 

CBS radio broadcaster Dan Raviv told listeners Saturday night that Obama will urge Netanyahu on Monday for Israel to stop "assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists," according to the daily. Raviv allegedly made the discovery while researching an upcoming book, and noted that Israeli intelligence agencies have been under immense pressure from the Obama administration to stop the assassination attempts for some time. 

Several Iranian nuclear scientists have died over the past several years under mysterious circumstances, Channel 10 noted. Israel has been accused of killing Iranian nuclear scientists before, but they have never publicly admitted involvement. 

Raviv claimed Saturday night that Israel is involved - and it particularly good at "flying under the radar."

"Israeli assassins have never been caught and have quality hideouts in Iran, while local collaborators were captured and executed," Raviv claimed, adding that Israel is "reluctant to lose its best spies." Despite this, the reporter stated, Israel has decided to keep an even lower profile of its activities in Iran for reasons unrelated to US pressure, and instead is "now trying to find evidence that Iran is not going to keep the agreement signed with the West."