Wanted: Jews with a Sense of Mission

How ‘Garin Torani’ communities across Israel are breathing life into struggling communities.

Yoni Kempinski, Maayana Miskin ,

At Garin Torani event
At Garin Torani event
Israel news photo

“Garin Torani” (lit. Torah core group) communities held a special event at Bar Ilan University last week seeking new members.

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Tropper spoke to Arutz Sheva about what Garin Torani communities are, and what they do.

The communities bring religious-Zionist Jews “with a sense of mission” to Israel’s struggling neighborhoods, he said.

There, they work to boost the communities not as outsiders, but as part of the community, he explained. Part of the goal is to bring qualified professionals in fields such as education, he noted.

Rabbi Tropper also spoke about the attitude that has made so many of the communities “a fantastic success.”