MK Maklev Presents: 'The Best' of the Coalition

Hareidi MK Uri Maklev says a divided coalition cannot function, presents a selection of quotes to prove his point.

Elad Benari ,

MK Uri Maklev
MK Uri Maklev
Flash 90

MK Uri Maklev of the hareidi United Torah Judaism party harshly criticized the coalition on Monday.

Speaking during a discussion on a non-confidence motion brought forward by the opposition, Maklev said that the coalition was unable to function properly because of all the internal disagreements between its members.

"A government that is crumbled and crushed from the inside cannot be relied on to decide neither on domestic issues nor on foreign issues, not on economic issues, not on political matters and certainly not on security-related issues," he said.

"This is a government where one minister despises the other, one speaks against the other and works actively against the other," added Maklev. “The personal dislike is prevalent among the entire government, from the prime minister down to the last of the ministers. We are not trying to make peace within this coalition, but we are concerned that this is the government that leads the people of Israel and decides on difficult issues.”

“It’s scary to think that this is how a coalition behaves when the decisions it needs to make are serious and have a significant impact both in the short term and the long term,” he said.

To illustrate his point, MK Maklev brought a selection of quotes that show the deep polarization between the members of the coalition.

"Bennett , the minister that Lapid announced is no longer ‘a brother’, says that ‘Yesh Atid is a dictatorship and it's no secret.' Liberman tells Bennett that ‘the unity of the people is more important than the unity of Judea and Samaria, and Bennett responds by saying that ‘Liberman is zigzagging and is passing Livni on the left,’” said Maklev.

He continued to mock the ministers, “Bennett blames Livni and says that the ‘Tzipis are walking around as though they live in some imaginary world’. Livni responds and says that Bennett is ‘one of those hypocrites who say they do not like what is written in [Kerry’s] document but in any case they do not care what it says.’ Livni also spoke out against [Danny] Danon and said that the Prime Minister will have to decide if he wants to let the ‘Danonism’ take over the government.”

“Bennett accused Netanyahu of a ‘loss of values’​​, Netanyahu warned Bennett that if he is unhappy he is welcome to resign, and the latter was quick to apologize," continued Maklev.

"Steinitz accused Lapid of behaving irresponsibly and causing substantial damage to the Israeli economy, of being cocky and arrogant and of thinking he deserves everything. Defense Minister Ya’alon attacks Erdan and says that ‘the Home Front Defense Ministry is waste of public funds’, and Erdan responds by saying that the Defense Ministry hurts the home front,” he added.

Eventually the time that was allotted for Maklev’s speech came to an end and he said, “I’ve run out of time for my speech but the quotes are still far from over. This is a government that is divided and conflicted within itself and that cannot and does not deserve to lead. In this situation all I can do is wish all sides great success.”