Emergency Team Hails Family's 'Miraculous' Escape

Horrendous accident as cars trapped between two buses, victims were returning from family wedding.

Ari Yashar ,

The crash on Highway 1
The crash on Highway 1
United Hatzalah
A serious traffic accident took place late Sunday night, leaving numerous disfigured cars in its wake. United Hatzalah on-call medics who were sent to the scene say the fact that only 6 light injuries resulted from the horrendous crash was nothing short of miraculous.

The crash happened on Highway 1, which links Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, at the Shoresh Junction roughly midway between Jerusalem and Modiin.

Yisrael Peretz, a motorcycle medic for United Hatzalah, reported the crash victims were "a family returning from a family wedding, and for a reason which is still unclear the cars got stuck between two buses."

"After I arrived on the scene and I saw the nature of the accident, I was happy to discover that from this crash there were only a few light injuries," comments Peretz, a statement understandable looking at pictures of the tremendous scope of the damage.

Police are investigating circumstances of the accident.

In January 2013, the same area of Highway 1 was shut down as a bus caught fire and was completely consumed by flames. The bus was carrying young soldiers studying at an IDF school, who fortunately all managed to escape before the blaze burned through the passenger section of the bus.

Medics at the scene of the crash United Hatzalah