Ambassador's Wife Surprises With Fluent Hebrew

Newly-appointed Serbian ambassador Milutin Stanojevic's wife surprises President during swearing-in ceremony.

Michael Freund ,

 Serbian ambassador Milutin Stanojevic hands
Serbian ambassador Milutin Stanojevic hands
Mark Naiman

Israeli President Shimon Peres accepted letters of credential yesterday from ambassadors representing four countries: Hungary, Turkmenistan, Micronesia and Serbia.

In a ceremony held at the President’s residence in Jerusalem, the representatives affirmed their commitment to strengthening bilateral relations between their respective countries and Israel.

After Peres raised the issue of mounting anti-Semitism in Hungary, ambassador Andor Nagy replied by denouncing the trend, saying that his government was opposed to it and had taken steps to counter it.

But perhaps the most intriguing moment came when Serbian ambassador Milutin Stanojevic presented his credentials and proceeded to sign the president’s guest book.

A source present at the ceremony told Arutz Sheva that Peres was pleasantly surprised to learn that Stanojevic’s wife, Ceca, spoke perfect Hebrew, which she said she had learned by studying in Ulpan at Tel Aviv University.

“I am very happy to be here in Israel and to speak Hebrew once again,” she told Peres.