Netanyahus Walk 2 Km. To Respect Sabbath

Prime Minister and his wife walk back to hotel from Friday evening evening with Davos Jewish community.

Gil Ronen ,

Netayahus at Davos
Netayahus at Davos
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his wife Sarah and members of the staff of the Prime Minister's Office who are currently visiting Davos, Switzerland, chose to respect the Sabbath and walk back to their hotel from the Friday evening 'kabbalat shabbat' reception held in their honor by the Jewish community of Davos.

Netanyahu had been driven to the hotel that hosted the ceremony before the Sabbath began.

The walk was estimated at two kilometers in length.

The Israeli first couple had warm clothes on hand and appeared to enjoy the opportunity to walk relatively freely in Switzerland

Netanyahu summed up his visit to the Davos economic summit with a reference to Iran, saying that the nations of the West are united in their stance against Iran, and that the sanctions regime is still in force.

"Secretary of State John Kerry repeated the US's commitment to maintain the sanctions regime,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu said that he is “not ignoring the calls for an economic boycott but there is also an opposite trend. The interest in Israel's economy is huge...”