Murderer Told Police He 'Needed to Kill a Jew'

UK inquiry hears how schizophrenic killer released just days before fatally stabbing innocent Jewish man in Manchester.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 6:20 PM

Stabbing (illustration)
Stabbing (illustration)

A man who murdered an innocent Jewish man in northern England was a paranoid schizophrenic who said he did so because he had an urge "to kill Jews".

Jonathan Mills had been released from a secure psychiatric ward just a ten days before stabbing 39-year-old Michael Kahan to death as he went to buy baigels from a local bakery in the city of Manchester.

At an inquest into the murder, which took place in June 2008, the killer's father criticized authorities, saying more could have been done to prevent the tragic events. He said his son never should have been discharged from Park House at North Manchester General Hospital.

"In my opinion, Jonathan should never have been discharged. I had no idea he was going to do what he did. But they could have done a lot more for him," Barry Mills told coroners.

His son had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act in January 2008 after his parents found his behavior to be increasingly erratic, according to The Mirror. He had already been sectioned twice before and had a long history of mental illness.

But he was discharged just a few months later when health workers believed his condition was under control, after subscribing him with Clozapine, an antipsychotic drug commonly used to treat schizophrenia.

Just one week after being discharged Mills' parents realized something was wrong when they noticed their son becoming increasingly erratic and withdrawn. They correctly suspected he had stopped taking his medication and promptly contacted his social workers. 

"He wasn't well that week. I could tell from the way he was acting that he wasn't taking his medication. It really went downhill in those seven days. He stayed in his bedroom a lot and only came down for meals. Sometimes he wouldn't eat them as he thought I was poisoning him," his mother Patricia Mills told the inquest.

Just two days before he was due to see a psychiatrist, Mills - who had apparently become convinced that "Jews" were preventing him from taking his medication - targeted Michael Kahan in a random attack, stabbing him twice in a fatal attack.

After his arrest, he told police he had carried out the attack because he 'needed to kill a Jewish person'.

The victim's widow, Eva Kahan, has said she feels no animosity towards the Mills family, but has demanded answers into the circumstances leading to the murder - including how medical staff could possibly have prevented it from occurring had they not released the killer prematurely.