Israeli Start-Up Solves Cut Fruit Going Bad

SPRESH's new all-natural spray can prevent fruit from browning for up to 24 hours.

Ari Yashar ,

INN photo

A new Israeli start-up company has decided to tackle the age-old problem: how do you stop cut fruit from going bad quickly? SPRESH's new all-natural spray does just that, preventing the deterioration of cut fruit's taste, color and texture for up to 24 hours.

On the start-up's Kickstarter campaign page, where the company is looking to build funds to expand their production, SPRESH founder Aviad Mozes writes he started the project to stop fruit discoloration after having to throw out left over browned fruit that his son wouldn't eat.

Mozes explains the concept of SPRESH in a video that can be seen here:

Mozes points out that research in 2012 indicated $165 billion is lost in America from food waste, and further notes 48% of harvested fruits and vegetables are actually eaten. The figures ignited his determination to find a solution to fruit decomposition which leads to wanton waste.

After two years of research under the consultation of Dr. Rina Reznik, a PhD in biochemistry and world-renowned expert in the oxidation processes, Mozes came up with SPRESH, an all-natural aerosol that prevents fruit browning but guards the produce's natural taste and texture.

"Since all the ingredients are natural, it is automatically approved by the FDA," notes Mozes. "After cutting open the produce, you simply spray SPRESH on the surface of the cut pieces" and the fruit is good to go for up to 24 hours.

A video by the company shows how "Spreshed" apples hold up much better than grated apples over 4 hours:

The campaign comes in time for Tu Bishvat, the Jewish "birthday of the trees" when the "seven species" of special foods are traditionally eaten, including lots of fresh or dried fruit.