Victim Recalls Violent Attack by Infiltrators

An Israeli attacked and injured by illegal immigrants had some harsh things to say about his attackers.

David Lev ,

Illegal immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
Illegal immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
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While illegal immigrants have been demanding that Israel recognize them as refugees and stop detaining and deporting them, Israelis who live and work in areas where the infiltrators - primarily from Eritrea and Sudan - predominate constantly complain of attacks by migrants who roam the street at all hours of day and night, intimidating Israelis who are unable to get out of the neighborhood.

An Israeli named Rafi Sabag on Thursday posted on Facebook the details of an attack against him, along with photos of his injuries at the hands of African attackers in Tel Aviv Wednesday night.

“I was outside the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, in the heart of the African population in Tel Aviv, waiting for a taxi,” said Sabag. “Two Africans jumped me, with one hitting me on the head with a rock. Luckily I was wearing a cap, which absorbed most of the shock of the attack. It happened so fast I didn't know what happened to me, and I couldn't respond.”

While he avoided a major injury because of the hat, Sabag said, “I was dizzy for awhile. I fell down on the street, and someone stole my cellphone, and my sunglasses fell to the ground as well. When one of them tried to attack me again with a rock I was able to gather my wits. I kicked him in the face and broke his nose, and they ran away. I was definitely lucky.”

Meanwhile, he said, “they are again demonstrating for rights. But really they are criminals, rapists, thieves, and they hurt Israel's citizens. They are wild animals,” Sabag wrote. “We have enough problems in this country, we do not need these people roaming around drunk, as they do. They have no self-respect, yet they want 'equal rights.' I said we shouldn't even give them the opportunity to breathe the air in this country,” he said, adding that the only solution was to deport them.