Thief Targeting Hassidic Yeshiva Nabbed in Bat Yam

Yeshiva students plagued by serial theft turn to police, 43 year-old resident of the town identified and apprehended.

Ari Yashar ,

Illustration: Hassidic Jews
Illustration: Hassidic Jews
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Students living at the dormitory of the Bobov Hassidic yeshiva in Bat Yam have been suffering from serial theft for several long weeks. After much consternation, police were brought in to deal with the issue and the perpetrator was finally identified and arrested.

Complaints of stolen precious items and wallets had become common-place among the students. Tzedakah charity boxes were emptied of their contents on numerous occasions, and even small change stored in students' coats frequently went missing.

In response, yeshiva students decided to submit a complaint to the police, hoping they would investigate and end the plague of pilfering.

To their great relief, the police of Ayalon Street station quickly completed their search and identified the suspect, a 43 year old resident of the city.

Police findings formed conclusive evidence, and eventually the suspect confessed to a portion of the pick-pocketing.

On Tuesday morning the suspect was brought to the Magistrates Court in Tel Aviv for a hearing of the police request to extend his detainment.