Who Killed New York Hareidi Millionaire?

Police suspect business partner in the murder of Satmar Hassid and prominent businessman Menachem Stark.

Tova Dvorin ,

Murder victim Menachem Stark
Murder victim Menachem Stark
Courtesy of the family

The hareidi-religious community in New York is still reeling from the murder of Satmar hassid and businessman Menachem Stark as the police continue to investigate the murder through a trail of business associates. 

Meanwhile, New York Daily News reported Tuesday that investigators have turned their attention to one of Stark's business partners as a possible suspect. 

Police sources told the daily that they are convinced the partner has been lying to them during the investigation, using a Russian businessman as a scapegoat. 

On Monday, detectives claimed they believe Stark was squashed to death. “It might be that they sat on him to get him under control and that they wound up killing him that way,” one police source stated. 

Investigators stated Sunday that they believe that Stark may have been running a foreclosure scheme - buying foreclosed properties at low prices and then selling them to his own associates at highly reduced rates, according to the Daily News

Stark was reportedly sued in 2011 over a $29 million loan that financed a 74-unit residential rental building at 100 South 4th Street in south Williamsburg, TheReal Deal reported. Family members acknowledged that Stark was involved in several large real estate deals, but said the family knows of no bad blood that could have sparked the kidnapping.

The investigation also revealed that Stark felt he was being stalked in the days preceding his murder.

Family members have also stated that they are not looking for revenge, and that they feel the murder was "an act of G-d" (verbatim). Stark's family announced Monday a $25,000 reward for finding Stark's killer, and a prominent Brooklyn rabbi appealed to the public for help with the investigation.

Hundreds of people attended Stark's funeral in New York Saturday night, after his badly burned body was found in a dumpster on Friday. Stark was buried in Jerusalem Sunday.