Ariel U Eases Access for Students with Disability

Ariel University program to ease access for those with handicaps, poor vision, poor hearing, and learning disabilities.

Maayana Miskin ,

Ariel University campus
Ariel University campus
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Ariel University is working on a program to improve access to studies for students with various disabilities.

The university currently has students with physical disabilities, students with poor hearing or vision, and students with attention disorders and other learning disabilities.

Rachel Shaham discussed the project with Arutz Sheva. While Ariel University has been working for years to ensure easy physical access to classrooms for all students, it continues to face challenges due to its location, she said.

The university spans a relatively large and hilly campus, she said. “We’ve brought the sidewalks down and we’ve built a ramp from the parking lot to the building,” she said.

Currently, not all classrooms are easily accessible, she said, but the university takes care to schedule classes so that students with disabilities will always be in handicapped-accessible rooms.

The latest move has been to set aside certain spaces in classrooms for students who have poor vision or hearing, or attention disorders. Teachers have been advised as to how to assist such students.

Two classrooms in particular have been designed for students with hearing difficulties. The classrooms have been equipped with a loudspeaker system and with individual earphones which students can use to play the lecture at higher volume in real time.