Almagor: Abbas 'Dances on Blood of Terror Victims'

Bereaved parents from Almagor, an organization representing terror victims and families, protest the invitation of Mahmoud Abbas to Knesset.

Tova Dvorin ,

Protester against prisoner release
Protester against prisoner release
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Bereaved parents sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday protesting the invitation of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to speak at the Knesset. 

"We have heard that to our sorrow, you have called Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to speak in Jerusalem at the Knesset - as if you liberating convicted terrorists was not enough," the letter reads.

Bereaved parents protested en masse last month, when Netanyahu released convicted terrorists and murderers back to civilian areas in PA-controlled parts of Judea and Samaria as a precondition to negotiations.

Almagor not only facilitated the protests - which included both a mass demonstration outside of Israel's Ofer Prison but also a highly publicized demonstration outside of US Secretary of State John Kerry's hotel room - but also submitted a petition to the High Court refuting the legality of the decision. That petition was ultimately rejected. 

"You are now breaking our hearts again," the letter continues, "by inviting the man who demanded their release, and who raises these terrorists up as nationalist heroes of the Palestinian people." The letter goes on to deride the move, claiming that it gives PA officials unnecessary and unwarranted status. 

The parents also emphasize their dedication to protesting the move, insisting that if Mahmoud Abbas comes to the Knesset, "we will be there in the name of morality and justice."  

"We will block him ourselves, with our bodies," the statement affirmed. "On the day he gets to Jerusalem, heaven forbid, we will be there to [physically] block the Knesset,  just as we did with many other [demonstrators] when Arafat wanted to go to Jerusalem." 

"If Mahmoud Abbas is received by the Knesset, it will be like dancing on the blood of the terror victims who were murdered by his people," the letter concludes. 

"Mr. Prime Minister, you may have renewed negotiations under heavy American pressure, but who made ​​you invite to the Knesset someone who symbolizes for many of us terror, murder and support of murderers?"

The letter was signed by Dr. Aryeh Bachrach - a bereaved father and head of Almagor Forum of bereaved parents; Meir Indor - terror victim and CEO of Almagor; Simcha and Pearl Malik - bereaved parents; Anat Cohen - bereaved sister; Yossi Zur - a bereaved father; and Ron Kerman - another bereaved father.