Soldier Arrested for 'Price Tag' to House Arrest

Magistrate's court accepts motion filed by legal aid group citing lack of evidence; soldier returns to unit tomorrow.

Tova Dvorin ,

'Price Tag' grafitti
'Price Tag' grafitti
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Efforts by legal aid groups to release an IDF soldier detained earlier over allegations of a "price tag" attack on a lack of evidence have succeeded, a press release from the legal advocacy group Honenu states. The soldier has been released to a one-night house arrest and will return to his Golani Brigade unit Thursday morning. 

The soldier was accused of spraying anti-Arab graffiti on buses, along with his brother, in protest of the Afikim transportation company's decision to hire more Arab drivers. Jewish men and women have repeatedly complained of systematic harassment by Arab passengers, some of whom appear to enjoy the support of Arab drivers.

The term "price tag" is used in reference to vandalism against Arabs, which is allegedly carried out by Jews as revenge for Arab terror activity.

This particular soldier, a member of the Golani Brigade, has no previous criminal record and is one of the top soldiers in his unit, notes Honenu, which cites a lack of evidence in the case. The group filed a petition to the court to release him from detention on legal and moral grounds - and has succeeded. 

Honenu Attorney Uri Keinan stated, "I am satisfied with the decision of the Magistrates' Court, which has accepted our appeal." Keinan also pointed out that the detention "should not have been ordered in the first place." 

The soldier is forbidden from contacting his brother, who is also supected in involvement in the vandalism.