Soldiers Hurt in Blast on Northern Border

Two soldiers were injured in an operational accident involving explosives.

Maayana Miskin ,

Wounded soldier
Wounded soldier
Flash 90

Two IDF soldiers were injured in an operational accident on Tuesday evening on Israel's northern border.

The soldiers were hurt in an explosion in the Har Dov region. According to initial reports, the blast was a controlled detonation carried out by the military.

IDF sources confirmed that the incident was not a terrorist attack.

The soldiers were airlifted to Rambam hospital in Haifa. One is reportedly suffering eye injuries, while the other suffered injuries to his upper body. The soldiers are conscious and are in light-to-moderate condition.

In late October five IDF soldiers were wounded when terrorist bombs caused an unexpected explosion during a planned demolition. One soldier nearly lost his eyesight, but this week was able to read numbers for the first time since the blast.

The incident led to a firefight in which one terrorist was killed. Three other Hamas members were killed shortly afterward in an IAF strike.