Video Shows Flare Gun Attack, Terrorist's Demise

Terrorist fired flares at civilians at Tapuach Junction. Soldiers responded quickly and eliminated him.

Gil Ronen ,

Terror attak at Tapuach
Terror attak at Tapuach

A video from an unknown source shows the terrorist attack against civilians who stood at a hitchhiking station at Tapuach Junction, in Samaria, last Thursday evening.

The video appears to be from a security camera, and the voices heard speaking in the background seem to be those of soldiers discussing the incident as they view the video.

The video shows the terrorist approaching the hitchhiking station from the south. The camera, too, is facing south.

It then shows him firing what seem to be 10 or more flares in the direction of the station. Four of the people who were standing at the station flee, running northward. One of them, however, does not flee and remains facing the terrorist. Another Israeli figure – apparently a soldier – then appears from the eastern side of the junction, possibly firing at the terrorist. The terrorist appears to stumble, get up, and fall once again.

Three more men then come running from the north and west, two of them in uniform.