Anger Over 'Bumbling' Eviction at Elon Moreh

Demolition of Jewish-owned home stopped by regional authority head - after half of the house is already destroyed.

Gil Ronen ,

Scene from demolition
Scene from demolition
Samaria Regional Council

IDF and police forces were halfway through with the demolition of a home in Samaria Monday, when the intervention of local leadership halted the action.

The house is located in the Nachalat Yosef neighborhood near Elon Moreh, north of Ariel in Samaria (Shomron).

Gershon Mesika, who heads the Samaria Regional Council, succeeded in stopping the demolition after the home was half-demolished, and a family with five children had been evicted from it.

"I do not understand this bumbling behavior,” said Mesika. “The family, with our assistance, was in an advanced stage of negotiation for voluntary evacuation from structures that are located on private land.”

"We were told [by security forces] that they are waiting for the answer of the upper echelon,” he recounted. “And while we were awaiting the answer, Yassam [special police] forces showed up at dawn, and together with a contracting company that employs Arabs, began demolishing homes. They took a mother, father and five babies out of the home at 5:00 a.m.

"This is a provocation and it constitutes abuse of minors,” he accused, saying that an investigation needs to be carried out to find who was responsible for what happened. “I am pained to see that while the citizens who live here protect the residents of central Israel with their bodies, and absorb rocks and firebombs on a daily basis, interested parties are looking for way to cause them harm.”

Photos: Samaria Regional Council

Half-demolished house in Elon Moreh

The half-demolished house

Belongings scattered outside