'Sorry, We Forgot - Your Deaths Were in Vain'

One step too far? Activists express opposition to upcoming prisoner release by placing signs on the graves of fallen soldiers.

Ari Yashar ,

"Sorry we forgot," Har Herzl
"Sorry we forgot," Har Herzl
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In a controversial move, activists placed tens of signs at the graves of fallen soldiers in the Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem Monday evening. The signs read: "Sorry we forgot: From our point of view, your deaths were in vain," and at the bottom was signed "the government of Israel."

The placing of the signs comes in protest of the scheduled Tuesday release of 26 terrorists as a "gesture" to the Palestinian Authority in the ongoing peace talks.

Apparently the signs are connected to the recently established Facebook group "Sorry we forgot."  The group has served as an outlet for the feelings of betrayal felt by many in response to the government's perceived attitude toward the victims of the soon to be released murderers.

The Facebook page of "Sorry we forgot" declares that "every one of the prisoners leaves behind him victims in the cemeteries scattered throughout Israel, victims whose cry of pain will mix on the day of the release with the well known shouts of joy.  We are here to ask forgiveness from those victims that the government of Israel has sold cheaply and forgotten the price of their lives."

Yad Lebanim, the association for the families of fallen soldiers, responded to the signs with outrage and expressed their intention to submit a complaint to the police against those who placed the signs.

Large public outcry has met the impending release of the murderers, and Monday saw roughly 3,000 Israelis demonstrate at the Ofer Prison where the release will take place in an attempt to block the move.

It has started to come out that the peace talks, whose progress is supposedly being ensured by this second batch of released terrorists, have stalled amind major gaps between the two sides' positions.