Bereaved Father at 'Last Minute' Protest

Bereaved father speaks to Arutz Sheva and tells of his opposition to upcoming release of 26 terrorist prisoners.

Yoni Kempinski and Ari Soffer ,

Bereaved father Yossi Tzur at Monday demo
Bereaved father Yossi Tzur at Monday demo
Yoni Kempinski

As Israelis from across the country joined a march to protest tomorrow's planned release of terrorist murderers, Arutz Sheva spoke to one participant - Yossi Tzur, whose 17 year-old son Asaf was killed in a suicide bombing aboard a bus in Haifa in 2003 - and heard why he was taking part at the protest outside Opher prison in Jerusalem, where the terrorists scheduled for release are currently being held.

Asaf's murderers were already released as part of the 2009 "Shalit Deal", which saw more than one thousand terrorists set free in exchange for captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Nevertheless, Yossi told Arutz Sheva's Yoni Kempinski he had come to show his sympathy for the bereaved families who are effected by the upcoming release, and to send a message of opposition to such releases in general.