Barkat Camp: Low Turnout Could Gift Lion Victory

Nir Barkat's camp says it is worried that a low election turnout could gift Moshe Lion victory.

Adam Ross,

Barkat at his election HQ in Jerusalem
Barkat at his election HQ in Jerusalem
Flash 90

Nir Barkat's election camp says it is concerned by the low voter turnout in Jerusalem, which stood at a meager 9% this morning.

Barkat's team said that only 18% of eligible voters had cast their ballots by mid afternoon, and that the figures were lower than had been expected. 

Maariv/NRG said the turnout was lower than the 2008 elections when 21% of citizens had voted by 4 pm. 

"We are calling out to Jerusalemites to take responsibility and get out there to vote" a statement from Barkat's camp said.

The statement said there had been especially low turnouts in the neighborhoods of Gilo, Pisgat Zeev,  Har Homa and Talpiot.

Barkat claimed that Shas Party Head Aryeh Deri and Yisrael Beyteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman were counting on a low voter turnout that would gift Moshe Lion victory.

Lion is expected to garner a sizable percentage of the city's hareidi vote, which usually has a far higher turnout due to leading rabbis describing voting in elections as a religious obligation.

The statement from Barkat's camp urged voters to cast ballots to "ensure Jerusalem continued in the right direction."

Barkat's main opponent for the mayoral contest, Moshe Lion, said today "My feeling is that we are on our way to a convincing victory."

He pressed all Jerusalem residents to go and vote saying "this is a day of great significance for you."