Jerusalem Resident Jailed for Spying for Hezbollah

38 year-old Issam Hashem Mashahara of Jerusalem's Jabel Mukabar neighborhood sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Arutz Sheva , | updated: 19:09

Illustration: Hezbollah flag
Illustration: Hezbollah flag
AFP photo

A 38 year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem's Jabel Mukabar neighborhood has been sentenced to 42 months in jail for volunteering to spy for Hezbollah.

Issam Hashem Mashahara, who worked as a bus driver, reportedly traveled to the Lebanese capital Beirut of his own volition, and arranged to meet a group of Hezbollah operatives there.

Mashahara first made contact with the Iranian-backed terrorist group at a cemetery where many of its members are buried, by introducing himself to one of the guards. He was then blindfolded and taken to an undisclosed location and quizzed on potential targets for terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, as well as in other locations.

Following his meeting, according to the indictment, Mashahara was supplied with encryption software and approximately $1500 in cash. He then returned to Israel and continued to spy for the group, via a specially-designated Facebook account.

He was apprehended by Israeli security services back in October 2012, and has already confessed to having worked for Hezbollah.