Missing Millionaire's Jerusalem Assets Up for Sale

Some of the assets in Jerusalem of Guma Aguiar, who has been missing for more than a year, have been put up for sale.

Elad Benari ,

Guma Aguiar
Guma Aguiar
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Some of the assets in Jerusalem of millionaire businessman Guma Aguiar, who has been missing for more than a year, have been put up for sale, the Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported on Wednesday.

These assets include a villa in the Old City facing the Western Wall and a second large villa in the city’s Yemin Moshe neighborhood, according to the newspaper.

Aguiar, a widely-respected philanthropist who has donated to numerous Torah institutions and yeshivas in Israel and who owns several businesses in Judea and Samaria, disappeared in June of 2012 after going for a sail in his boat in Florida.

The boat subsequently washed ashore at Fort Lauderdale, without Aguiar on board. Police conducted a massive search for him and even released a video showing that he was alone on the boat, but he has not been found to date and the search was called off.

His properties in Jerusalem were placed in the care of the Administrator General after he was declared missing. The Administrator General has appointed lawyers Meir Heller and Ephraim Abramson who are the representatives conducting the sale of Aguiar’s properties, reported Yediot Ahronot.

The value of the villa in the Old City is estimated at over 15 million shekels, largely because of the large terrace from which one can see the Western Wall plaza.

The villa in Yemin Moshe, reported Yediot Ahronot, is a property consisting of two units jointed together, with a total area of 430 square meters. This property is also estimated at 15 million shekels, the newspaper said, but either can be purchased each separately for an estimated price of between seven and eight million shekels.

Aguiar has dozens of properties in Jerusalem, the report said, but not all of them are yet up for sale. Many of his assets in the Israeli capital are located in the Muslim Quarter and in the Shiloach (Silwan) neighborhood.

The attorneys in charge of the sale told the newspaper that there has been great interest in the properties by potential buyers, mostly by investors from abroad.