Watch: Dancing and Praying at Rachel's Tomb

Jews of all stripes join hands in celebration of the life of the Biblical Matriarch Rachel, at her tomb in Bethlehem.

Yoni Kempinski & Yishai Karov ,

Female worshippers at Rachel's Tomb, 14 Octob
Female worshippers at Rachel's Tomb, 14 Octob
Flash 90

Thousands of men and men and women from across Israel converged on the Tomb of the Jewish Matriarch Rachel in the city of Bethlehem last night, to mark the anniversary of her death.

Worshippers of all ages gathered to pray, sing and recite tehillim (psalms) at the tomb.

At one point, those gathered at the site - hareidim and national-religious, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, ordinary citizens and IDF personnel providing security for the event - all joined hands in a spontaneous "rekida" or dance at the holy site, in an inspiring show of unity.

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