Peres: Iran Must Back its Statements with Actions

The European Union must maintain the pressure on Iran, says President Shimon Peres in a speech before the Dutch parliament.

Elad Benari ,

President Shimon Peres and Dutch prime minist
President Shimon Peres and Dutch prime minist
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President Shimon Peres on Tuesday called on the European Union to maintain the pressure on Iran.

In a speech before the Dutch parliament, Peres stressed that recent reconciliatory words spoken by Iran’s president must be supported by actions.

“The end of the Iranian nuclear threat, as well as the end of Iran being a center of terror is the right way to keep the world free and secure,” Peres said, adding, “The sanctions led so far to the new tone of Iran.”

“President [Hassan] Rouhani's address to the United Nations must stand the test of real implementation. Today it is just a declaration, in a rhetoric competition,” he added.

“Furthermore, the realities of today in Iran are in stark contradiction to his address,” he pointed out. “The construction of a nuclear bomb is a fact not a phrase. The building of long range missiles capable, of carrying nuclear warheads continues.”

“It is a danger to the entire world. Nobody on earth threatens Iran's existence,” said Peres.

“President Rouhani wants the sanctions to be reduced right away so to ease the Iranian economic crisis,” he added. “Actually, Iran herself can improve her economy by ending the waste of money spent on building military nuclear reactors and military nuclear long-range missiles.”

In the speech, Peres also addressed the EU’s guidelines which boycott Israeli entities operating beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines. Peres asked the EU to consider the request by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and suspend the guidelines so as to give peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority a chance.

“When peace will be completed, and it may happen quite soon, those guidelines will anyway become unnecessary,” he said. “I believe that the answer of Europe to the request of the Secretary will be positive to make the negotiations flow uninterrupted. I believe it will be unnecessary in a short while.”

“There is no need for interim solutions. We shall make peace, there is no need for half measures. To cross a chasm, it is safer to do it in one brave step. Two steps is dangerous,” said Peres.