Dutch PM: 'We Never Even Considered Yesha Boycott'

On the third day of Peres' visit to the Netherlands, the Dutch PM said the matter had not even warranted a discussion by parliament.

Adam Ross ,

President Shimon Peres visits the Anne Frank
President Shimon Peres visits the Anne Frank
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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has said in a joint press conference with Shimon Peres, that the Netherlands is opposed to boycotting goods from Israel and that the issue had not even been considered within the country.

A meeting between the two followed a reception for Peres by King Willem-Alexander at the Hague's Noordeinde Palace.

With respect to the recent decision by the European Union to impose a boycott of Yesha (Judea and Samaria) goods, Rutte said that the Netherlands was "working within the European Union, to reach a consensus and find a solution which did not harm the peace process."

Last week, 25 Members of Parliament and Congress from around the world - including from the Netherlands, toured Judea and Samaria expressing their solidarity with the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria and said that they oppose the European Union’s boycott of Israeli products from these regions.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that the European Union’s new guidelines which boycott Israeli entities that operate from beyond the 1949 Armistice Line will do nothing to help achieve peace but, in fact, will negatively affect the chances for peace.

On the third day of his visit to the Netherlands, President Peres also called upon the country, as a central member of the European Union, and to other European countries to oppose the Iranian nuclear threat and not to allow Iran to complete its race to obtain long-range missiles with nuclear warheads.

Earlier Tuesday, Peres launched a stinging attack on Syria's Bashar Assad during a visit to the Anne Frank museum.

"I doubt that [Syrian President Bashar] Assad read the Diary of Anne Frank, since he did not hesitate to use chemical weapons and kill innocent children and women,” said Peres, adding, “Same goes for Iran which develops nuclear weapons of mass destruction.”

Peres is scheduled to deliver a speech before the Dutch parliament later this evening.