Second Night of Torah Celebrations Across Israel

A customary night of dancing in circles around Torah scrolls is set to take place throughout Israel tonight.

Adam Ross ,

Hakafot shniyot
Hakafot shniyot
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Synagogues and town centers across Israel are set to be filled with a second night of dancing with Torah scrolls in the customary conclusion to the Sukkot and Simhat Torah festivals, known as hakafot shniyot. 

In Jerusalem, the hakafot shniyot in the Liberty Bell Park will not take place this year. They were sponsored for many years by US based Holocaust survivor Eugen Gluck, a philanthropist and long time donor of projects in Israel, including a unique Talmudic Garden in Beit El. . 

The musical duo of Yonatan and Aharon Razel will host a large event for revelers at Kraft Stadium in the Sacher Gardens, a large park in the city on Ben Tzvi Avenue and not far from the Central Bus Station. 

The city's mayor Nir Barkat is set to attend celebrations in the neighborhoods of Gilo and Pisgat Zeev, as well as the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva's celebration held at Rav Kook's home in the center of Jerusalem. Barkat's rival in the upcoming mayoral elections, Moshe Leon will also spend the night celebrating in neighborhoods across the capital.

Dancing will also take place throughout yeshivot and synagogues and parks across Israel from Eilat in the South to Kiryat Shemona in the North.

According to the Jewish year, the winter has now officially begun with prayers for rain now being included in the daily prayers as of Thursday.