Moroccan Editor Nabbed for Posting Al Qaeda Video

Moroccan police have raided the offices of a news website after an editor posted a link to a Al Qaeda video inciting terror in the country.

Adam Ross ,

Moroccan security forces
Moroccan security forces
Israel news photo: / ITIC

Moroccan police have arrested the editor of a Moroccan news website after he posted a link to a video made by the Al Qaeda terrorist network inciting violent attacks in the north African country.

Ali Anouzla, of the website Lakome, was arrested on Monday morning the Lebanese news service Naharnet reported. Police also seized computer equipment from Anouzla's office, the report said.

The 41-minute video Anouzla posted was entitled 'Morocco: the kingdom of corruption and despotism,' and called for jihad in the country as well as lashing out at King Mohamed VI, who at one point in the film is pictured being engulfed in flames.

YouTube had previously taken down the video for breaching the site's policy on violence.

In response, Lakome published a statement condemning Anouzla's arrest describing the move as "excessive in more ways than one," insisting the website had clearly stated that the video was "propaganda".

Morocco has been the target of several terror Islamic attacks in the last ten years, the worst of which killing 33 people in 2003 when 12 suicide bombers blew themselves up in the capital Casablanca.

Last month, the anti terror unit of the Prime Minister's office warned Israelis to stay away from Morocco amid a threat of Islamic terrorist attacks on Jewish and Israeli interests in the country.