Tel Aviv: Authorities Raid Illegals' Employers

Economics Minister says operation was largest ever, and 53 businesses will be taken to court for employing work infiltrators.

Gil Ronen ,

Illegal aliens in South Tel Aviv
Illegal aliens in South Tel Aviv
Yoni Kempinski

Immigrations and financial authorities raided businesses in southern Tel Aviv that employ illegal immigrants. As a result of the swoop, 53 businesses will be taken to court, according to Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, whose ministry played a central part in the raid.

"Yesterday, we in the Economics Ministry took part in the largest-ever enforcement operation in southern Tel Aviv. Fifty Economics Ministry investigators who are in charge of enforcing labor regulations among employers, accompanied by Immigrations Authority forces, raided southern Tel Aviv,” Bennett wrote in his Facebook page.

The reason infiltrators come to Israel, he explained, is that the money they make in Israel in one day takes then an entire month to earn in Eritrea. “The state of Israel has become the employment bureau for the continent of Africa,” Bennett said. While the state has built fences and obstacles to prevent them from entering, “the economy is stronger than any fence,” the minister explained. “As long as there is motivation, they will continue to look for creative reasons to come, and certainly want to stay.”

"This is what we came to take care of – while safeguarding and maintaining workers' rights,” he stated.

"If an Israeli employer knows that he has to pay every employee minimum wage, give him a fee day every week, pay him extra hours and produce work slips – he simply will not employ infiltrators and foreign workers. He will choose an Israel worker. In this way, we dry up the main fuel that keeps the infiltrator problem burning in southern Tel Aviv and throughout Israel, and at the same time, we do justice by workers who are employed in substandard conditions.”

Bennett said that according to the report he received late at night Tuesday, 53 of 63 businesses raided will have to stand trial, 120 employees were questioned, and “our intelligence elements told us that throughout Tel Aviv, a rumor has been passing, that we will not let this situation continue. We shall return to the streets another time, of course.”