PA Daily: US behind Syria Massacres

PA journalists whose salaries are paid from US aid, blame the US for encouraging Syrian carnage.

Arutz Sheva ,

Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas
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The Palestinian Authority (PA) blamed the United States Sunday for the killing in Syria, reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). The PA's official daily wrote that “Events of mass killings do not upset [America] because they themselves have used killing as a means and a strategy to attain global domination."

PMW's Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik noted that since the beginning of what is called the "Arab Spring," the official PA daily has been publishing opinion pieces accusing the US and Israel of being behind the civil wars in the Middle East in order to divide and weaken Arab states and strengthen American power. The deaths in the Arab world, including those in Syria following the chemical attack, are presented as actions in line with US policy.

The official PA daily wrote Sunday:

"Events of mass killings do not upset [America] because they themselves have used killing as a means and a strategy to attain global domination... This is a tyranny and an effort whose goal is to divide every country... Americans aspire to topple the nation states that appeared in the Arab world after WWII."

The threatened US airstrike on Syria is likewise being presented as a continuation of the American policy whose goal is, according to the PA daily, "to re-divide the Arab people's nations according to ethnic groups, religion and ethnicity..."

Worse yet, notes PMW, the US is being presented by the PA daily as a bloodthirsty imperialist country seeking the death of Arab civilians:

"There is nothing in international relations more offensive or painful than the American invasion and the Americans' barbaric behavior... The Americans knew that Assad was destroying Syria and this is what they had hoped for, so they worked to have the massacres and destruction continue."

The PA daily's demonization of the US has been a constant theme for some time. Former editor-in-chief of the official PA daily Hafez Barghouti wrote a few months ago:

"What is happening in Syria is that it is being exhausted, so that its characteristics as a state disappear, until there is an appropriate political party, a friend and outgrowth of the Americans, to take over the government."

A regular columnist in the same daily wrote about the turmoil in Egypt:

"What is happening now in Cairo is a warning [sign] for the capabilities of the forces waiting to destabilize Egyptian society, erase its national identity, and turn large sectors of society against the state, as part of a decision that seems similar to the US Intelligence's decision to mobilize tens of thousands of Iranians in the streets of Tehran in order to overthrow Muhammad Mosaddeq's government in the early 1950s."

This demonization of the US by the official PA daily continues unabated following the announcement last week that the US has pledged an additional $148 million to the PA's general budget. It should be noted that the writers in the PA daily are paid their salaries from this same budget that the US is funding.