Harassment Charges against Media Man Fade Out

Police investigators to close investigation against Sharon Gal. Emanuel Rosen may be charged with indecent acts.

Gil Ronen ,

Sharon Gal
Sharon Gal
Nir Sarig, PR

A high profile police investigation against Sharon Gal, who hosted Channel 10's successful nighttime business program, Laila Kalkali, will be closed without charges, according to Channel 2's website. The investigators heard no clear cut testimony that could be used for filing charges or convicting him, the website says.

The investigation began about six months ago, after complaints surfaced against Gal on charges that he harassed employees on the Laila Kalkali staff. The employees accused him of improper behavior, including comments of a sexual nature.

The investigators began collecting testimony from complainants, but according to Channel 2, the investigators think that while Gal tended to use uncouth language, there is no clear evidence of sexual harassment. They therefore intend to shut the case, “unless there are dramatic developments.”

Police are also evaluating another high profile case involving a Channel 10 presenter, Emanuel Rosen. Rosen was also accused of sexual offenses – including alleged rape. The accusations were spearheaded by Hadas Shtaif, police reporter for IDF Radio, on behalf of the Female Reporters' Cell that was founded last year by Anat Sargusti, who also heads Agenda, a media advocacy organization with strong ties to the New Israel Fund and the political left wing.

Police sources told Channel 2 that Rosen may be charged with sexual harassment, but not of more serious sexual offenses. “At this point, we do not have proof of offenses of rape or things like that,” a police source said.