Children with Immune Disorders Told: Stay Home

Children who have weak or absent immune systems were told by the Ministry of Health not to return to school until January.

Kochava Rozenbaum ,

חיסון נגד פוליו
חיסון נגד פוליו
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On Thursday, Israel's Ministry of Health published special guidelines to the country's schools, which are set to resume operation this week as the nationwide campaign to vaccinate children against polio continues.

According to the Ministry’s guidelines, children with immunodeficiency should stay home and not return to school until 6 weeks after the vaccination campaign concludes, which will be in January 2014.

Director of the Ministry of Education, Dalit Shtauber, said that, “the education system will hold to its routine so that students and teachers can continue to learn and teach as usual. Educational institutions will provide for individual students, who will unfortunately not be able to come to school.”

Shtauber directed the educational institutions to give lessons to these students through the home schooling system. If necessary, children will also receive assistance from “Tlalim,” a service that gives professional and free learning support throughout Israel for children who are absent from class due to illness or accident.

In addition, members of the educational staff will be available to make regular contact with the students in their homes, and will encourage the other classmates to maintain daily communication with the absent students.

The Ministry of Health strictly requires the presence of running water and antibacterial soap in each school to protect against the spread of viruses and to keep schools clean. Parents are to guide their children to wash their hands after using the restroom and before contact with food.