Kuwait Deports Nine Egyptians

Officials deported pro-Morsi protesters that illegally demonstrated outside of the Egyptian Consulate in Roudha.

Kochava Rozenbaum ,

Protesters wear masks of Morsi and other Egyp
Protesters wear masks of Morsi and other Egyp
AFP file

Nine Egyptian pro-Morsi supporters were deported from Kuwait for participating in rallies in front of the Egyptian Embassy, according to state media KUNA.

The protest, organized by a group of former Kuwaiti MPs, was held at the consulate in Roudha to publicly condemn the military crackdown on pro-Morsi activists in Egypt. They also criticized the “oppression and killing” of Muslim Brotherhood members by security forces.

Security sources told Kuwaiti media that these protestors had been previously identified through video recordings of the demonstrations held last week to protest the developments in their country. The Egyptians were summoned by police officials after initial investigations revealed that they were involved in the protests.

Reportedly, 67 Egyptians were brought into questioning at police headquarters; they discovered that almost 35 Egyptians did indeed participate in rallies held in the capital Kuwait City.

Several Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians encouraged fellow supporters to attend the rallies by advertising on social networks and at central cafés.

Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al Khaled said it was illegal for foreigners to demonstrate without prior permission and have regularly warned expatriates against involving themselves in political issues.

Foreigners who are deported are usually given one week to leave the country with their families.

Gulf News claims that Kuwait has supported the regime change in Egypt that ended the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.