CHAZAQ to Hold its First Annual Dinner

CHAZAQ, an organization which works to bring spiritual strength to Jews all over the world, will hold its first annual dinner on August 26.

Eliran Aharon, New York ,

Yaniv Meirov
Yaniv Meirov
Eliran Aharon

CHAZAQ, an organization based out of the Queens Jewish community that works to bring spiritual strength to Jews all over the world, is set to hold its first annual dinner, which will be taking place on Monday night, August 26, at Leonard’s of Great Neck.

CHAZAQ is a large and unique force in the Jewish community, reaching out to unaffiliated Jews and public school students. Jews of all cultures flock to the inspiring lectures and events organized by the organization.

The dinner, which will focus on the theme “Building a Stronger Future,” will include a Torah welcoming ceremony ("Hachnasat Sefer Torah") for a new Torah scroll dedicated by Maladani Jewelry. The Torah is slated for Rabbi Ilan Meirov’s minyan at the Beth Gavriel Center in Forest Hills, Queens.

The guest speaker at the dinner will be Michael Reagan, a strong advocate for Israel and the son of former President Ronald Reagan.

“CHAZAQ started in 2006,” Yaniv Meirov, Director of Operations of CHAZAQ, told Arutz Sheva. “The organization has inspired thousands and thousands of people since its inception.”

CHAZAQ, he said, has over 25 different programs for a wide range of audiences, including men, women and teens.

“This year, for the first time, CHAZAQ is organizing its first annual dinner. Organizing a dinner is a very big undertaking, but we’re proud to say that the organization has been very very successful,” said Meirov.

The dinner will honor a list of people who have had an impact on the Jewish community, including well-known land of Israel activists Dr. Paul Brody and Dr. Joseph Frager.

CHAZAQ, said Meirov, “is standing up for the land of Israel and for the Jewish people, and we encourage everyone to show their support and try to attend.”