Morsi’s Wife: He’ll be Back

Crowd shouts, 'Returning! Returning!' at rally for deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

Maayana Miskin ,

Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed Morsi
AFP photo

Naglaa Morsi, the wife of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, made a surprise appearance Thursday night at a rally in Morsi’s support.

Naglaa told the crowds that her husband would return to power. “He is coming back, if Allah wills it,” she declared.

Morsi’s supporters chanted, “Returning! Returning!” in response.

Thursday night was the first time Naglaa had been seen since Morsi’s ouster. She did not address rumors that she had been held in custody alongside her husband.

Morsi’s children were at the rally as well, and called for their father’s release from prison. Morsi has been held in an undisclosed location since the July 3 military coup.

He faces charges of working with the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas to stage an attack on an Egyptian prison that killed Egyptian guards and freed dozens of members of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group.

Leaders of the new interim government say they plan to hold new elections in nine months.