Small Town Singer Mati Shriki Releases Big Music

"A new light" is shining from a young Binyamin region singer/songwriter who's looking to inspire.

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Ben Bresky ,

Mati Shriki Israeli musician
Mati Shriki Israeli musician
Ben Bresky

"Music for me is a gift I received from G-d", stated Mati Shriki, a singer-songwriter from the Binyamin region. "I want music to do something good for your heart," Shriki said. The young singer has been playing weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebrations with his band Kumi Ori for several years. He is now scheduled to release a full-length debut album with spiritually inspiring lyrics.

The first single is called Or Hadash and although the chorus has the familiar Biblical verse "or hadash al tzion tair", the lyrics and melody are original.

"The words remind one of the path, the light behind the wall, a new light," Shriki said. "It signifies a longing for Jerusalem, the holy city, with love for the ancient alleyways and rhythm of life. The city symbolizes breaking barriers and borders. It's a kind of journey into the true light," he explained.

Shriki was born and raised in Jerusalem, trained on piano and performed with the Playback Theatre Group. Today he lives in a small rural community in the Binyamin region.

The new album is being produced by Avi Tal who has worked with such popular Israeli performers as Aaron Razel and Udi Davidi.

Shriki hopes to expand his musical career both with new releases and performances. He headlined the Rikudgalim, or flag dance event in downtown Jerusalem at the most recent Jerusalem Day celebration. In the past he has been on stage with Matisyahu and other singers in the Israelis music world and international Jewish music scene.

When not composing songs, Shriki works as a graphic designer and web designer. But the joy of seeing people singing and dancing at celebrations is inspiring him to write more inspiring music.

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