Mayor Barkat: 50 Ways to Love Jerusalem

Mayor Nir Barkat: more and more sectors should connect to Jerusalem, each in its own way.

Gil Ronen ,

Barkat at event
Barkat at event
Chen Kalifa

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat participated Monday evening in a reading of the Scroll (Megilla) of Eicha at Jerusalem's Ir David site – and took the opportunity to sketch his vision of a pluralistic Jerusalem.

The megilla reading was part of a special event at Ir David, entitled “How Rocks Break.”

The reading of the Scroll of Eicha reading was the first of its kind, and took place at a location opposite Area G, where seal impressions (bullae) by the scribes of the last kings of Jerusalem have been found, as well as layers of dust that attest to the destruction.

Before the megilla reading, Barkat spoke with the participants and noted how much he loved Ir David: “One of the most important places in Jerusalem and my favorite place.”

"There is a marked increase in visits in the last five years. More and more sectors of the public connect to it. Everyone who copmes there falls in love and connects to it immediately.”

"The strategy is that more and more sectors should connect to Jerusalem,” he explained. “Each in its own way. When one loves through different approaches – the love grows.”

After the Megilla reading, Barkat went on to recite Kinot at the Kotel and then took part in the events of “Tonight We do not Study Torah,” which took part in several places in Jerusalem.