StandWithUs Launches New Pro-Israel Campaign

Pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs launches advertising campaign to counter the latest round of anti-Israel ads.

Rina Tzvi ,

thousands wave Israeli flags in Jerusalem
thousands wave Israeli flags in Jerusalem
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Pro-Israel advocacy and education group StandWithUs has launched an advertising campaign for the month of July on San Francisco’s Muni bus system to counter the latest round of anti-Israel ads.

“Anti-Israel groups attempt to misinform the public in order to undermine American support for Israel. Their ads typically demonize Israel and blame it for the lack of peace.  They ignore context including the continued deadly actions and ideology of Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas,” Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, said in a statement reported by the JNS news service.

According to StandWithUs, the ads highlight “Israel’s diversity, religious freedoms and the benefits of the continuing Israel-U.S. relationship.”

The group has countered numerous anti-Israel ads over the past several years in cities across North America.

“StandWithUs has countered every anti-Israel ad placed in San Francisco and beyond, and will continue to do so. We cannot let hostile messages, with their deceptive, velvet-gloved rhetoric, influence unsuspecting commuters who may not know the facts,” said Dr. Mike Harris of StandWithUs and the San Francisco Voice for Israel group, according to JNS.