IDF: Rock Attacks Down 80%

Officer says 300 Arabs have been arrested in Judea and Samaria in 4 months, and rock attacks have decreased.

Gil Ronen ,

IDF in action
IDF in action
IDF Spokesman's Unit

The IDF Central Command says that the number of rock attacks in Judea and Samaria has declined sharply in recent weeks, from an average of 50 per week to about 10.

The Commander of the Etzion Brigade, Col. Yaniv Alaluf, told the IDF Website that the IDF has stepped up arrests of suspects in rock throwing, and that 300 such arrests have been made in the last four months.

"We see a rise in the number of arrests, and naturally this leads to a decline in the number of events like rock throwing,” he said. “And yet, it is too early to point to a causal connection between the data.

"On the ground, however, the decrease in the number of attacks can be felt,” he added.

Col. Alaluf said that the numbers of rock attacks are almost back to their average levels in 2012.

Most of the arrests are being carried out at night, with Shin Bet cooperation, he said. Special units carry out large scale undercover operations in all of the sectors, he added.