Peres Honors Clinton with Presidential Medal

Pres. Shimon Peres awarded Israel's highest honor to former U.S. President Bill Clinton on Wednesday: the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Chana Ya'ar ,

Oslo Accords: Rabin, Clinton and Arafat
Oslo Accords: Rabin, Clinton and Arafat
Official White House photo

Former President Bill Clinton was awarded Israel’s highest honor Wednesday morning.

Presented by President Shimon Peres, Clinton received the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the fifth Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem.

In opening his speech, Peres referred to "my dearest friend, President Bill Clinton – and when I call you my friend I know that I speak for the entire people of Israel."

Peres said that Clinton’s "unwavering commitment to the Jewish People" and his "moving support for Israel will always be cherished by each and every one of us."

He added that Clinton’s work "laid the foundations which one day will bring peace to our region – the two-state solution," while presenting the award.