Minister Falls Ill after Auschwitz Visit

Education minister was carried off prime minister's plane in a stretcher when it returned to Israel.

Gil Ronen ,

Shai Piron
Shai Piron
Muki Schwartz

Education Minister Shai Piron fell ill Thursday after accompanying the prime minister to Auschwitz. He was taken off the prime minister's airplane on a stretcher, after the plane returned to Israel.

Rabbi Piron felt chest pains and general discomfort in the course of the flight. He was taken to a hospital. He is conscious and even spoke with the prime minister.

Five ministers accompanied the prime minister to Poland: Yuval Steinitz, Limor Livnat, Yaakov Perry, Uri Orbach and Piron. They met with their Polish counterparts.

The rabbi of Tel Avif Yafo, Rabbi Meir Lau, a Holocaust survivor, also took part in the delegation.