Rabbi Druckman: Who Needs the Stern Law?

The move “completely contradicts the teachings of Rabbi Kook ztz”l,” says venerated Zionist rabbi.

Gil Ronen ,

Rabbi Druckman
Rabbi Druckman
Yitzhak Sagi

Rabbi Haim Druckman, perhaps the most venerated and widely accepted living rabbi in religious Zionist circles, is utterly opposed to the “Stern Law,” which would enlarge the body that selects chief rabbis.

Rabbi Druckman told Arutz Sheva that it is not true that the present makeup of the selection body ensures that it is controlled by the hareidi parties, Shas and UTJ.

"The selection body currently has 80 respected rabbis and 70 representatives of the public, he explained, noting that rabbis are the experts on choosing a chief rabbi. “Why change this and turn it on its head? What is the need for a new electing body? What is the reason? There is no reason!”

Someone is trying to reduce the proportion of rabbis in the body, as compared with representatives of the public, he said. “This is a move that thoroughly contradicts the teachings of Rabbi Kook ztz”l, who created the institution of the Chief Rabbinate of the Land of Israel.”

Rabbi Druckman noted that the new body would take in men and women who do not adhere to Torah and mitzvot. This endangers the institution of Chief Rabbinate, he said, but added that he is not opposed to appointing women to the body.

"The Religions Minister has the authority to appoint women,” Rabbi Druckman said. “Naturally, if there will be more women serving as mayors, it will be possible to put more of them in the electing body.”