Israel's Defense 'Undiminished' in Golan

Israel's ability to deter attack on Golan Heights remains undiminished, says top defense official.

Arutz Sheva staff ,

Israeli soldier in Golan Heights
Israeli soldier in Golan Heights

Israel's ability to deter attack on its positions in the Golan Heights remains undiminished despite an uptick in fire from the Syrian side of the ceasefire line, a defense official said on Wednesday.

"The good news is that the continued stability of the Golan Heights (and) the deterrent power of the Israeli army have not been weakened," senior defense adviser Amos Gilad told army radio, adding that, “Daily life goes on as usual."

The head of Israel's armed forces issued a personal warning to President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday after Syrian troops fired across the armistice line, hitting an Israeli military vehicle.

"If he disturbs the Golan Heights, he will have to bear the consequences," Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said in an address at Haifa University, according to AFP.

Israel denied Syrian claims that their fire had destroyed an Israeli army jeep.

The Syrian army "fired on an Israeli patrol...but did not destroy a vehicle or kill anyone," Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adraee wrote on Twitter.

"In response, Israel Defense Forces soldiers returned precise fire at the source of the gunfire. They reported a direct hit," an army statement added, according to AFP.

On Monday the Israeli army reported that small-arms fire from Syria hit the Golan overnight, causing no casualties or damage. The army filed a complaint with the UN force.

The strategic plateau has been tense since the beginning of the conflict in Syria more than two years ago.

However, there have been only minor flare-ups in the area to date, with Syrian shells falling in the Golan and Israel firing in retaliation.

In recent weeks, there were four incidents of apparently stray fire from the conflict across the ceasefire line.

Israel launched air raids inside Syria this month targeting what sources said were arms destined for Hizbullah, as the Jewish state continues to affirm that it will not allow chemical weapons to falling to the hands of terrorist entities.