Appointment of Hershkowitz Approved

Bar Ilan board unanimously approves the appointment of former Minister Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz as president of the university.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Prof Hershkowitz
Prof Hershkowitz
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Board of Directors of the Bar Ilan University unanimously approved on Monday evening the appointment of former Science and Technology Minister Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz as president of the university.

The appointment will take effect next year. Hershkowitz will replace Prof. Moshe Kaveh, who has served as president of the university for the past 18 years.

A senior lecturer at Bar Ilan welcomed the appointment, telling Arutz Sheva that Hershkowitz is "the right man in the right place. He is a great scholar and one of the leading Israeli academics. We congratulate him.”

Hershkowitz earned his BSc, MSc and DSc, all from the Technion in Haifa. He studied at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem and received his ordination in 1995.

Hershkowitz has published over 80 mathematics articles in academic journals. He was President of the International Linear Algebra Society and has served as a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Alongside his academic pursuits, Hershkowitz has served as rabbi of the Ahuza neighborhood in Haifa. In 2008, he became the head of the Bayit Yehudi party and was appointed Minister of Science and Technology in 2009, when the party joined Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition, a position he held until several months ago. He chose to step down before the last elections and did not run for the Knesset again.