Assad: Rebels Attacked Radar, Helping Israel

"Israel is directly supporting the terrorist groups," charges embattled Syrian president.

Gil Ronen ,

President Bashar al-Assad
President Bashar al-Assad
AFP photo

Syrian strongman Bashar Assad said in a weekend interview to an Argentinean newspaper that Israel is assisting the rebels fighting to topple his regime.

“Israel is directly supporting the terrorist groups in two ways,” he said. “Firstly it gives them logistical support, and it also tells them what sites to attack and how to attack them." 

Assad also told the Clarin newspaper said that rebels had attacked a radar station instrumental to Syria’s antiaircraft defenses against Israel, but gave no further details.

The reporter asked Assad if he had any “self-criticisms."

He replied: “It’s illogical to carry out self-criticism before the events have been completed. If you go to watch a film you don’t criticize it until it ends.”

Regarding efforts by the United States and Russia to broker talks between him and the rebels, Assad said, “We support and applaud the efforts, but we must be realistic. There cannot be a unilateral solution in Syria; two parties are needed at least."