Kotel Rabbi: Pray for Unity

Rabbi of Kotel calls to end recent conflict through government regulation, prayer.

Maayana Miskin ,

Bikers and hareidi Jews at the Kotel.
Bikers and hareidi Jews at the Kotel.
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, the Rabbi of the Kotel (Western Wall), called Sunday to put an end to recent conflicts at the Kotel. The holy site has been the scene of disputes as the Women of the Wall group seeks to conduct a form of prayer services which are not traditionally held at the site, prompting angry protests from some other worshipers.

“In light of the upsetting sight of Jews, brothers, fighting each other at the holiest place, and in the name of the loftiest values, I call for the Religious Services minister to do everything he can to quench the fire of conflict that has seized the Western Wall,” he said.

He called on Minister of Religious Services Naftali Bennett to immediately clarify the regulations regarding the “local custom” that must be upheld at the Kotel.

Rabbi Rabinovich also called for Jews who are planning to pray at the Kotel during the Shavuot holiday this week to pray for peace and unity among the Jewish people in general, and at the Kotel in particular.

“The holiday of the giving of the Torah recalls the unity that existed at that time among the people of Israel, when everyone said together, ‘We will do and we will hear,’” he said. “That must be a sign for all of us; prayers at the Western Wall must be said with unity, modesty and humility.”