The Terror Attacks the Media Forgot

Israelis from Binyamin region reveal the terrorist attacks that have gone unreported; warn that they may take action alone.

Maayana Miskin ,

PA youth prepares to throw firebomb
PA youth prepares to throw firebomb
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Life in the Talmonim bloc, in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem, is becoming a nightmare, due to ongoing Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist attacks, a resident of the region told Arutz Sheva. Many of the attacks were ignored completely by the media, he said.

The rise in terrorism began months ago, with the Pillar of Defense counter-terror operation in Gaza, he said.

He described some of the previously unnoted attacks. “Last week Arabs threw rocks and firebombs at two women from Nerya between Beit Zayit Raanan and the Hadoar junction,” he said.

In a second attack, a man from Nerya was surrounded by dozens of Arabs armed with large stones and metal rods. The attackers targeted the man’s car, destroying it completely. Even the victim himself “cannot explain how he survived,” he said. “He just ran away.”

An IDF patrol that saw the attack did not put a stop to it, he accused. “It’s this crazy government policy that says, ‘Let’s contain the events.’ Containment means no response, as can be seen from events that were captured on video,” he explained.

Video clips publicized months ago showed soldiers and police failing to respond as Arab attackers targeted motorists along Binyamin-region roads.

Even residents of Arab towns that were previously considered relatively quiet and uninvolved in terrorism have joined in the campaign of highway terrorism, he said.

The resident accused the IDF of failing to intervene to stop the attacks, or even to prevent Israelis from becoming victims. He noted an incident on Saturday night when an Arab mob attacked Israelis as they demonstrated against terrorism. The IDF left demonstrators virtually alone, he said, and the few soldiers present focused on getting rid of the Israeli protesters rather than dispersing their attackers.

Soldiers eventually dispersed both sides using tear gas, but only an hour after the incident began, he said.

Soldiers have also failed to prevent Israeli drivers from entering areas in which there are known to be ongoing rock attacks, he accused.

If the situation continues, Israeli residents of the area may need to take security into their own hands, he said. “When there were carjackings, residents started doing their own patrols… It made the IDF take action,” he recalled.

Regarding the lack of media coverage, he recalled a conversation with a journalist. “I asked a reporter from one of the major networks why they don’t report the incidents that we inform them about. He said that he is gathering all of the incidents, and when something big will happen then he’ll write about it all together.”

The video below, shot at an unknown date, has been circulating recently. It shows IDF jeeps under attack from Arabs, who are even able to climb atop a vehicle without any real response from the soldiers. The footage has been edited, however, for Arab propaganda purposes.