France: Man who Attacked Rabbi is Repeat Offender

An Iranian mental patient who attacked a rabbi had assaulted at least two other Jews.


Paris synagogue
Paris synagogue
Flash 90

Last week police in Paris arrested an Iranian man for attacking and stabbing a rabbi and his son near a local synagogue. Now police have found that the man attacked at least two other Jews.

Following the man’s arrest police viewed surveillance tapes from the area around the synagogue and elsewhere in the city. They found that the suspect had apparently been behind a vicious attack on two Jews four days before the stabbing.

In the earlier attack the suspect hit two Jews with a metal bar.

Last Tuesday the attacker targeted the rabbi and son. Other Jews who had come to the synagogue for prayers saw the attack and overpowered the attacker, but not before he managed to wound both men.

The younger man is in good condition, but the rabbi, who was moderately wounded, is still suffering medical complications from the assault.

Police sources say the 28-year-old suspect was suffering from mental illness, and had fled a psychiatric hospital before the attack.

The attacker was apparently acting alone.