Israeli Citizen Enters Lebanon, Detained by Army

An Israeli citizen entered Lebanon and was arrested by the Lebanese army. He will be returned after being interrogated.

Elad Benari ,

Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon border
Israel news photo: Haggai Huberman

An Israeli citizen entered Lebanon on Wednesday and was arrested by the Lebanese army.

According to reports in the Lebanese media, the man, a 34-year-old, jumped over the border fence near Rosh Hanikra. He was arrested by Lebanese soldiers who were patrolling near the border.

The reports said that following his arrest, the man was transferred to local security forces for interrogation. According to various reports, the interrogators were unable to understand too much from the man, because he was suffering from either a mental or an emotional disability.

The IDF Spokesman confirmed the report and said that the IDF had known about the incident from the Lebanese side in real time. According to the IDF, the UN’s UNIFIL force in southern Lebanon was informed of the incident. The Lebanese army told the UN force that the Israeli will be returned to Israel after his interrogation.

A woman who identified herself as the man’s mother told Channel 10 News on Wednesday evening that her son had been missing for two days and that this is not the first time he has gone missing. She added that her son has disappeared several times in different countries.